Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walker Bros Fitness Boot Camps in London

I recently went to a boot camp session in Liverpool Street at the recommendation of my friend Garry. They have 3 sites Liverpool Street, Clapham and Wandsworth. Coming from east London I decided my best bet was to try out their Liverpool Street boot camp.


You can sign up directly on the site. I had a few questions about the boot camp I wanted to ask before I committed my money so I called them. The staff were friendly and efficient and even offered my first boot camp class for free. How can I loose?

I had to get up early (7am) to attend and the kettle bell work out was gruelling but fun. Straight away afterwards I noticed a difference in how I felt.

I've just signed up for the whole of next month at a cost of £45 that is less than a single session with a personal trainer and I still feel that I got all the benefits.

Thanks a lot Guys!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A handy guide to all things viscometer, callibration, servicing and quality control


The contents of this guide includes:

Advice on selecting appropriate viscometer
A wide range of viscometer applications
Recommended practice for calibration of Rotary viscometers
Recommended practice for calibration of flow cups
Recommended practice for the calibration of the Cone and Plate
Formula for flow cups including BS 3900 (1971) ISO/DIN Ford ASTM D1200
All calibration oils supplied are traceable to National Bureau of Standards NIST and have a accuracy of + - 0.2%